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Our Food & Bar Selection

Gastronomy @ Rockville:

Rockville serves a cross-continental menu, which puts together the most popular gastronomic delights across continents. An assortment of Dishes, which are no longer restricted to the confines of their cuisines, cultures or geographies of origin, and have transcended their traditional definitions to become a part of ‘World-Cuisine’.

Bar Selection @ Rockville:

We believe good times are never complete without a ‘Spirited’ thirst-quencher! And the Bar at Rockville owns the pride of place… 23 Single Malts amongst a selection of over a 100 brands speaks about the eclectic tastes of the patrons it has!! Our Liquid Chefs have perhaps the largest, & the choicest, selection of spirited brews, blends and concoctions in the city to make the good times even better!!